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Elevator and Multi-floor Exercise Rhino & Grasshopper Parametric and Algorithmic Architecture

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Are you new to the world of parametric architecture? Maybe you've heard of the amazing possibilities that parametric design using grasshopper can bring to your life, but you're unsure how to get started? You've come to the right place!

At DCO , we provide you with free tips and tricks to help you get started with grasshopper today. I will be addressing topics such as where to find the best resources for learning GH, getting started with coding scripts, and understanding the fundamentals of parametric modeling.

I also showcase real-world examples of GH in action, to give you an idea of the potential of this revolutionary technology. We hope you'll find our blog posts helpful in navigating this exciting field, and will come away with a better understanding of how Grasshopper and parametric design can benefit your life. So stay tuned, and get ready to explore the world of GH with us!

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