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Rhino 8 and Grasshopper Geodesic Fly's Eye Dome Parametric Tutorial

Welcome to a video tutorial on parametric design with Grasshopper for Rhino. This exercise guides through creating parametric scripts. It’s true that new Grasshopper users might feel intimidated by the learning curve of parametric modeling. But don’t let this deter you from exploring this powerful tool. The benefits are immense, and it can help you achieve unique designs that stand out. This tutorial is a great resource for all, from beginners to pros. So, let’s dive in and start designing!

The Fly’s Eye Dome:

The Fly’s Eye Dome is a geodesic dome designed by American designer, inventor, and theorist R. Buckminster Fuller. The design, which Fuller began working on in 1966, features circular openings, called “oculi,” arranged in a pattern similar to the lenses of a fly’s eye1. These oculi allow light and air to enter without compromising the integrity of the structure. The dome was originally intended to provide economical, efficient housing. Prototypes of the dome were built in various sizes. Today, the Fly’s Eye Dome is seen as a forerunner of the green building movement.

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